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Israel's Cabinet Unanimously Rejects Internationally Imposed Palestinian State

37 million California residents on flood watch amid back-to-back storms

British-registered ship abandoned amid fears it will sink after Houthi double strike in Gulf

Russia’s Medvedev threatens to nuke US, UK, Germany, Ukraine if Russia loses occupied territories

Urban warfare expert says Israeli military taking unprecedented steps to protect Gaza civilians

Ukraine shoots down 4 Russian fighter jets in weekend killstreak, says air force chief

PM says Denmark to donate all its artillery to Ukraine

German space commander warns Russian nuclear weapon could destroy 'global commons': 'Nobody would survive'

U.S. Conducts Cyberattack on Alleged Iranian Spy Ship

Russia raises its flag in Avdiivka, then presses the advantage on a vulnerable Ukraine

Estonian secret service says Russia is preparing for confrontation

At least 8 children among 22 hit by gunfire at end of Chiefs' Super Bowl parade; 1 killed

Hezbollah Stokes Mideast Tensions With Strike Against Israel

Putin says Russia prefers Biden to Trump because he's 'more experienced and predictable'

Over a dozen earthquakes rattle Southern California early Monday; shaking felt in San Diego

Russia preparing for military confrontation with West, says Estonia

Russia fired Putin's 'invincible' hypersonic Zircon missile for the first time in Ukraine, experts say

How Israeli commandos blasted their way into Rafah apartment to rescue hostages

Sun blasts strong solar flare causing solar radiation storm, possible radio outages

Putin threatens World War Three if US deploys troops in Ukraine

Egypt threatens to suspend Camp David Accords if Israel pushes into Gaza border town

Iran anniversary marchers chant 'death to Israel' amid regional tensions over Gaza

China’s Property Crisis Is Starting to Ripple Across the World

Saudis Lead Palestinian-State Push as Fears Grow Over Rafah