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Turkey's Erdogan warns against NATO-Russia conflict

Russia loses ‘astronomical’ 70,000 troops in 60 days

Houston-area residents frustrated as they enter sixth day without power and air conditioning in punishing heat

US Navy pilots come home after months of shooting down Houthi missiles and drones

11 Pastors and Ministers Jailed on 'Sham' Charges: 'Imprisoned for Their Faith'

SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets grounded by FAA, putting Space Coast missions on indefinite hold

US and South Korea sign joint nuclear deterrence guidelines in face of North Korean threats

The Kremlin Is Angry at Biden’s Remarks About Putin at NATO Summit

Russian diplomat says Moscow won't attend a second Ukraine peace summit

Magnitude-7.1 earthquake strikes off southern Mindanao Island, Philippines

6.4M quake that struck off B.C. is part of recent 'swarm': agency

This State Is Publicly Seeking God After Lawmakers Declared 31 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Russia blames war on NATO as it pounds Ukraine, demands territory for talks

Crimea Satellite Photos Reveal Devastation After Kyiv Strike on Arms Site

Six Russia Regions Attacked As Ukraine Hits Back After Hospital Bombing

North Korean Soldiers Head to Russia for Training

Chinese Troops Begin Drills Along Poland’s Border In Belarus

Hezbollah Rockets Rain Down on Golan Heights, Killing Man & Woman

Japan, Philippines to sign defense pact

Look up! In a rare celestial event, two meteor showers are set to light up our skies on the same night

Russia on brink of 'more concrete' nuclear actions as tensions heighten and WW3 fears intensify

Russia vows to respond after Ukrainian drone attack sets on fire alleged munitions warehouse

Mount Etna erupts, spewing lava into the sky

Heightened seismic activity continues under Mount St. Helens; 22 earthquakes this week

Death Valley sets a new daily record with a searing 128 degrees as West Coast heat wave drags on

How Likely Is War Over Taiwan? Watch TheseThree Numbers

Taiwan reports Chinese military aircraft, ships operating around island

Kamala Harris won't save Democrats if she takes over for Biden, warns historian who correctly predicted 9 of the last 10 elections

Eyeing China, the Philippines wants to buy its first attack submarine

Earthquake of magnitude 7.2 strikes off Peru, tsunami threat issued