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US aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea as a show of force against nuclear-armed North Korea

US renews warning after officials say Chinese forces seized 2 boats in Philippines

Russia launches 'massive' attack on Ukrainian power grid

Severe Weather Alert: Wildfires, Tropical Storm, and Dangerous Heat Wave Hit US

A year ago, Russian mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin challenged the Kremlin with a mutiny

NASA predicts 'once-in-a-lifetime event' this summer – 5 things you need to know

'We haven't seen a threat like this since WWII,' Gen. Keane warns

Putin accuses NATO of creating a security threat for Russia in Asia

South Korean Arms For Ukraine Would Be A Huge Deal And Putin Knows It

Kim Jong Un and Putin sign pact to help each other if attacked

Ship attacked by Yemen's Houthi rebels in fatal assault sinks in Red Sea in their second sinking

Israel warns of prospect of ‘all-out war’ after Hezbollah publishes video of military, civilian sites

Ukraine claims its drones hit a Russian oil facility, sparking a huge blaze

Chinese Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine Surfaces In Taiwan Strait

Turner says US is at ‘highest level of a possible terrorist threat’

US renews warning it's obligated to defend the Philippines after its new clash with China at sea

US, Canada, Japan and Philippines conduct exercises in South China Sea

Taiwan keeping watch after Chinese submarine surfaces in Taiwan Strait

The US economy is headed into a corporate bankruptcy cycle that will spike unemployment, veteran forecaster says

NATO in talks to put nuclear weapons on standby, boss tells UK's Telegraph

US Navy faces 'most intense combat since World War II' against Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels, defense experts say

Kremlin calls NATO chief's nuclear weapons remark an 'escalation of tension'

'Horrifying': ISIS Kills 80 Christians, Decapitating Victims in Democratic Republic of Congo

China's Xi accused the US of trying to trick him into invading Taiwan, but said he won't take the bait, report says

Hezbollah Launches Record Missile Volley at Israel After Commander's Killing, Hamas Kills Ceasefire Plan